Resources on Spinoza

Having recently finished Spinoza’s Ethics, I thought that I might as well post some of the charts other people have made highlighting the insights he makes via his geometrical method. In particular, this chart offers a useful summary of the entire Ethics.

In my own approach to Spinoza, I chose to read the Ethics in a fairly casual manner, i.e. via audiobook, as opposed to having a hard copy and checking each proposition to see if his point is adequately proved by those preceding it. Close readers of Spinoza can take advantage of the online version containing hyperlinks to previous propositions, which eliminates the need to onerously flip back and forth and thus saves the reader a great deal of time.

For the advanced reader of Spinoza, Kevin von Duuglas-Ittu is a Spinozist who formerly wrote prolifically on his blog, which includes a project known as Spinoza’s Foci, which analyzed the impact of Spinoza’s vocation as a lens-grinder on his philosophical thought. In early 2010 he began a new blogging experiment called Mitochondrial Vertigo, which has since become inactive. Nonetheless, his writings are still available, and critique the interpretations of Spinoza by prominent contemporary philosophers.


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