Guattari’s Haiku on the Butoh Dancer Min Tanaka

diagrams of intensities
at the intersection of all the scenes of the possible
choreography of desire’s throw of the dice
on a continuous line since birth
becoming irreversible of rhythms and refrains of a
I dance not in the place but I dance the place
Min Tanaka
the body weather

~Guattari, excerpt from ‘Présentation du programme de danse Buto de Min Tanaka’ (AH 159).

lol wut?

This and this group butoh dance are both interesting, however, if for no other reason than being sublimely fucked up. I’m not normally one to use strong language, but no other term will do. Both dances are by the troupe Sankai Juku. I’m totally pulling out these moves the next time I’m at a nightclub.


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